A focused church vision


1. Overarching Conviction

This header answers the question: “What is the most important thing we believe?”

God is calling us in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit…

We want to lead with what God is doing. And how he’s doing it.

…to receive his grace as sinners…

We want to articulate the common ground all people share: we are all sinners. We also want to define Christianity clearly as a human response to something first done by God and received from God.

…and to respond to his grace in worship and all of life.

We want to frame all human activity which is uniquely Christian, or can be called Christian with any meaning, as a response to what God is already doing and has already done. We also want to draw a tight connection between the worship gathering on Sunday and all the rest of our life as a response to God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

2. Practical Focus

This header answers the question: “What are we going to do about it?”


This focus answers the question: “Who are we in relation to God?”

Key Texts: John 15:1-11, Romans 12:1-8

Definition: Following Jesus in baptism and obedience (Matthew 28:18-20).

Key Activity: Worship Gathering


This focus answers the question: “Who are we in relation to the church?”

Key Texts: John 15:12-17, Romans 12:9-21

Definition: Living in relationships characterized by grace, openness, and durability (Romans 15:1-17).

Key Activity: Growth Groups


This focus answers the question: “Who are we in relation to our worlds?”

Key Texts: John 15:18-27, Romans 13

Definition: Going out of our way to engage others generously and sacrificially (1 Peter 2:18-21).

Key Activity: Service Initiatives

3. Effectiveness Metrics

This header answers the question: “How will we know we are doing it?”


Every person who moves beyond random/passive attendance at Worship Gathering on Sunday to committed participation (committed attendance, baptism, proportional giving, membership, etc.).


Every one-on-one, couple-on-couple, family-on-family relationship that develops informally from initial contact in a Growth Group.


Every project completed in the community for the community with church talent, time, or money.